Kingdom Drilling
Question : Bit bottom hole cleaning is an important part of the drilling optimisaiton process.

Question : Best connection practices?

Question : Stringer drilling best practices?

Question : Offshore 8,000ft water depth, 18.3/4" riser. 9.5/8" set at 16,000ft 10,000ft TVD 8.1/2" section TD's at 22,000ft 10,500ft TVD. Best TD circulating practise?

Question : Where are your most common drilling problems occuring today?

Question : After tripping at 16,000FT for bit change, using a 16ppg water based mud. At bottoms aup. A rapid 200bbl pit gain result as riser get evacuated due to a gas expansion. After the event well is however static and not flowing.

Question : What will straight bladed stabilisers in soft formations tend to do.

Question : If ROP doubles, what is the bit/bottom hole energy requirement, in theory?

Question : What best describes oil and gas safety in your view?

Question : Maintain top hole verticality (<1deg) through hard ground, 15-20m thick?

Question : Your are drilling with a state of the art BHA the 40m drilled has went smooth. How do you make the connection.

Question : Wiper balls on cement plugs?

Question : Hit a stringer, traffic lights on MWD tri-axial, lateral, and torsional sensors and are all over the place. How do I give the company their priority directive i.e. pristine hole

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