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Courses provide training in well design, engineering and drilling operations to enable delivering a well’s objectives, i.e. Safely, on time and within budget. Targeted at operator, service company and drilling contractor personnel. Services are provided by industry leading professionals with the know-how to operate and deliver a project's technical, safety & environmental needs.

2020 Courses

KD01 Managing 'Drilling' time 'MDT', 3-4days Practical loss control safety leadership experience based on reviewing evident well data to enable teams to effectively learn and investigate from 'things that go wrong'. FAIL 'Failure Always Invites Learning' principles are used / applied to assure, enable, translate and sustain learning. 

KD02 Introduction to drilling/well operations. 2day Introductory course for new-start technical and non technical persons. "All good VP, Norwegian Bank, Nov 2015"

KD03 HP HT Drilling, 3-5day customised learning experience developed in 2016 for Operating Companies. "Excellent course, Senior Drl Eng, Feb 2016"

Middle East In house Course planned Jan 2020

KD04 Managed Pressure drilling. 4-day experience that encompasses all aspects of offshore MPD drilling projects."Great Visuals, Covered a huge variety of examples, eqpt etc. Chief Eng BAST section"

KD05 Deepwater Drilling Operations Ran in vaiours guises from 3 to10days, This well design, planning, drilling engineering & operations technology experience has been delivered in more than 25 countries to IOC's, NOC's and service companies as per specific in house requests since 1998, "Good course that needed more time to cover subject matter in required detail, Drl Supt"

5 day deepwater drilling ops course planned in house Jan 2020.

KD06 Stuck pipe, Fishing & Side-tracking. A 3day customised  drilling and work-over workshop expanding on traditional stuck pipe prevention, that additionally covers fishing, milling, plug pack cementing and side-tracking operations.  " Far exceeds expectations, WO Supt Nov 2015". Last delivery 2019, Shell Nigeria. 

KD07 NEW Well Integrity in Drilling, Work-over and Intervention Operation.  3 day core course for technical and non technical Upstream professionals.

KD10 NEW Latent Cause Analysis; Affiliated with this training experience is a essential soft skills course for anyone starting in any industrial profession. Check out more at  "Great course albeit 35years too late for me. 'Technical Director' July 2017.

Other courses on request.

KD08 Basic Casing and Tubular design (4-5days) Last delivery November 2015.

KD09 Oil Field Primary Cementing (3-4days). Recent delivery, Dec 2015 for a Middle East Joint Venture

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- Guide to Onshore / Offshore drilling.

- Guide to Drilling planning, engineering & design.

- Drilling Geology Guide - A non technical course

- Well control Assurance (1)

- Guide to Oil field Cementing

- Fundamental Casing design.

Drilling/Well training experiences catered to SEE and meet your FAIL (failure Always Invites learning) needs / requirements.


- Deepwater Well planning, design and engineering.

- Deepwater Drilling operations.

- HPHT Well planning, design and engineering.

- HPHT Drilling operations.

- Drilling 'Loss control' optimisation. 

- Loss and waste avoidance workshops - focusing on aligning safety and efficiency in complex well's.

Drilling training experiences catered to SEE and meet your FAIL (failure Always Invites learning) needs / requirements.


Complex well's drilling, planning, engineering, design and operation's technology workshops aimed to work with you the customer to assure a customised course meets you specific needs.

Clients List: 1996 - Current.

Providence Resources, Chevron / KGC, BSEE, Centrica, DNB, Cupit, Cairn Energy, Petro-China, SPE, NOPSEMA, ONHYM, Saudi Aramco, AGR, Lloyds Register, Oil Search, Murphy Oil, Petronas, VGA, Petro Canada, Chevron, BP Norge, Norske Shell, Statoil, Smedvig, TAM International, Schlumberger, ONGC, PDVSA, Addax Petroleum, Pemex, Repsol, Sonangol, CNOOC, Petro Vietnam, Huisman, Shell USA, EcoPetrol Colombia, FORED South Korea, OMV.